What is so mysterious about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ ?


Mystery of Mysteries; The Apostle Paul wrote under the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit of God, "This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the Church." in Ephesians 5:32. The word "mystery" rendered in the English language in the King James Bible is derived from the original Greek texts of the New Testament from the Greek word, "musterion". That word is defined in the Greek language as a secret in the idea of silence imposed by intiation. By divine act something God Almighty from the beginning has hidden until his determined time. Today is his determined time, today is the day of his grace, his favor and his power, how blessed we are that he has chosen in our day and time to reveal this to us of all men. The Apostle Paul speaks of a great secret, a great truth known only of God before, now revealed in the Church Age through the King James Bible.

When we speak of mystery in any context is it not true we think that it is something we must figure out? It is a hidden knowledge we can perhaps attain to through the reasoning of our mind and diligent search or from the one who knows the secret. The answer in this case we are told of God can be found most assuredly though hidden for thousands of years. God seeks now to make himself known and he has made himself known now in this time by the revealing of the Mystery kept hidden for ages. He desires all men know this. This is a commandment unto all men. Abraham said, "Shall not the judge of all heaven and earth do right." He is God and God alone, the creator and judge of all men. When he speaks it is commandment despite what context he may speak in. We have the choice whether to heed his voice in this uncertain hour but the word of God is clear there will be a certain hour that he will judge our choice. He created us for no other purpose than his glory and he will judge whether we have submitted unto that purpose. That is the great mystery he desires to reveal, himself in all men. It is only right that he do that if he will hold us accountable before him for that.  Abraham said he will do right and he has, he has made it plain to us we will be judged whether our life has served the purpose of our Creator or not. As Creator and Creator alone he has the right to expect that of us. We are without excuse now he has made his will and his purpose known. I stand now on the other side of the cross of Calvary four thousand years after Abraham and declare to you, God has done right, he has not only made his will known but he has also made a way when there was no way. Will you hear him today?

Someone has said that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and that the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Quite an accurate description. It was there in the Old Testament that this mystery was concealed and it is today revealed in the New Testament with the Old Testament confirming it. In the Old Testament he shows us our way will not work. In the New Testament he shows us his way cannot fail. The very words of God, infallible, inerrant, and perfect. God cannot lie and there is no lack of power in him to perform that which he says. He is God and God alone.

God's purpose and plan for all mankind, hidden for thousands of years, now gloriously revealed in his greatest glory, the New Testament, revealed in all the glorious suffering and shame of an old rugged cross. It was there that Christ Jesus, God in the flesh, proclaimed as he died and gave up the ghost, "It is finished." John 19:30 and it was there at the empty tomb on the third day that God confirmed it as the Spirit of the Lord beckoned unto Mary, "Come and see the place where the Lord lay." Matt. 28:6  To the human mind that is foolishness but it was the very wisdom of God. The very salvation of God unto all men, the righteous requirements of the Law of God met in full and sin, Satan, hell, death, and the grave destroyed for ever. Out of great sorrow came immeasurable joy, out of death came not just life but life eternal. That is to the human mind quite mysterious but plain before our eyes. God desires that you know and understand that in all it's fulness. It is plain that what was done there was done of God. Only God and God alone could have done that. After one so perfect as the Lord Jesus Christ has suffered so immensely as no man ever has or ever will, will you not be moved by that? Christ died for you. The Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world deserves the reward of his sacrifice. He gave his life for us and the bible plainly tells us nothing is acceptable before God but a life for a life. The very love of God, God giving his own life for you. Can you think of any other greater expression of love than what he has done for us.

How can I a mere man explain the love of God. He was saving all of mankind. He was glorifying and magnifying his great and perfect love, his very nature, upon the most sinful and vile creatures of his created world, man. There at that cross every sin of every man no matter how vile or depraved was forgiven and judged in the person of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. Sin was destroyed to never be remembered again in his sacrificial death. Oh how did we ever get the silly notion he simply died there so we could go to heaven. That is a great and precious promise of God and there is no lack of power in him to perform it but that is not why Christ died there. He died for the glory of the Father and now delivers that glory back to Father in the sorriest most despicable vessel he could find, you and I. Thereby demonstrating the power and greatness of that love. He paid our every sin debt by completely and totally destroying sin forever, reconciling us to God and releasing us from that sin debt as he there died for us and as us. To fully comprehend a love so great and mighty with our finite minds we could never. Our human mind could never full comprehend the great wisdom and knowledge of God but it has been revealed to us in his love at the cross of Calvary. Christ died for you.


The Revelation of the Mystery;

Rom 16:25 Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,

Rom 16:26 But now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith:


God says that the mystery has been revealed and the revelation of that mystery is found in no one but the Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, God in the flesh. Let God be true and every man proved a liar. God spoke there that day in the person of Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. Proven and confirmed by mighty acts, the Old Testament, and the Holy Spirit of God and God the Father. God has said this is my Son in whom I am well pleased. But God was not finished, as determined as he was then in all his infinite power to reveal his Son, he is just as determined still today two thousand years later that all men should know him. The work of the cross was the eternal work of God and will stand for all eternity. He says in this very first verse above, by the power of God, he wants to give us something eternal. Something that will transcend the boundries of time and this world. Something beyond the grave. Something eternal and powerful, the very love of God. The free gift of God unto all men of all times. Something far beyond the limitations of the wealth of this world, the very riches of God. All this and more found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.  In speaking of this again the Apostle Paul said,


Eph. 5:24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to there own husbands in everything.

Eph. 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it:

Eph. 5:26 That he might sanctify it and cleanse it with the washing of the word,

Eph. 5:27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. 


Here the Apostle Paul uses the relationship of an earthly marriage, the deepest and most intimate relationship of this world, to explain the revelation of the mystery. But this passage begins with Christ Jesus as the head, the revelation always begins with Christ Jesus. The perfect Lamb of God. That tells us that this relationship is one not fraught with the fraility, imperfection and infidelity of man but is the most perfect of relationships head and shoulders above all others reaching to the very heights of Heaven. It is a mystery indeed that the holy God of all heaven and earth would want to know us vile helpless unlovable sinful men, to know us in the most intimate of ways make known his love for us. God desires to know us it tells us in the word of God. That word "know" in his word speaks of the intimacy between man and woman. That is the same word used when the Bible tells us Adam knew his wife Eve, Jacob knew his wife, many others. Life proceeds from this knowledge and when it is the knowledge of an eternal God it is eternal life that proceeds from it. God desires to know us, to be joined to us, to love us in an intimate relationship that is far beyond and above anything known in this world and for us to live eternally in the presence of his love far beyond the boundaries of this tawdry life on earth.

How can I a mere man describe the love of God. Look to the cross and see the ends he went to loving you. What have you done for him lately, how could one such as us ever hope to do anything worthy of him.  How can we not be moved by a love so great and so perfect. That is but just the beginning of this great mystery, that God could love some miserable wretch like us, one that is capable of loving nothing or no one but our despicable self.

It is a mystery how some men are never moved by that only testfying to the great wickedness of this world and it's power and sway over mere men. It is a mystery how some men would think they could exploit that great love to their own ends and their own glory. There is no thing in this world the love of God cannot overwhelm but God will never violate your freewill. It is a gift of God and the gifts of God are without repentance, they are all eternal. He says the choice is yours. He gave us the choice that we might receive the greatest of his glory. But even the vilest of sinners should they refuse this great love will still give glory to God. The day that sinner is cast into the deepest darkest depths of the torments of a fiery hell they will have to bow and confess for all eternity that they are there because they chose to be there and that it was not the will of God. But know, God will never hear their wailing cries, he says today is the day of his grace. Existence upon this earth is not life it is a choice, a choice that God your Creator has given you. But in this day of grace in love he tells us beyond the grave we will live for all eternity with that choice as the enemies of God in the eternal suffering of a fiery sinners hell forever forgotten. But the choice is ours. God has done right. He gave them a choice and he revealed the mystery of his great love to that man, that man rejected it and will live with his decision for all eternity, he is without excuse. He will never in all of eternity be able to bring one charge against God for his folly. 

He tells us in Eph. 5:26, he sanctifies and cleanses, the very mystery, how does he do that. How does he explain that, the very love of God, to us. He says it is by the "washing of the word". John 1:1 plainly tells us speaking of Christ Jesus, in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God. The "Word" rendered in the Greek, "Logos", the spoken intentions of the heart. God speaks through his word, Christ Jesus. God spoke loud and clear at the cross of Calvary. The King James Bible is the very embodiment of Christ in this world today understood through the Holy Spirit of God sent of Christ after he ascended back into heaven on the day of Pentecost and dwells among us this hour. That cross still speaks volumes today. It is him, God in the third person, now that calls to your heart bringing light, giving understanding to the darkest places of your existence, the deepest depths of your heart, mind, and soul. The Lord Jesus Christ, the faithful witness testifying. You cannot separate God and his word, You cannot separate Christ and his word, the King James Bible. Let no man put asunder that which God has joined. God has said, we are without excuse. 

With the King James Bible  on my right hand and very Spirit of God Almighty dwelling in me I speak the words of the Apostle Paul  "So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the Gospel to you..." The revealing of the mystery kept hidden for the ages, the very love of God. I only speak, God reveals.

The revealing of Christ and Christ in us, that is the mystery, the salvation of our soul, and God's purpose in our life. This is the very glory of God, his purpose in all the world and in all men. To glorify his great name, to make himself and his great love known to all of mankind. But as I look at the church of the world today I am afraid I do not see that glory, I  see yet another great mystery. A people who claim to have seen the mystery but yet are totally ignorant of the glory of God and have only a fleshly shallow sensitivity to it. The great sin of the church in the world today is one of ignorance, we no longer are a people of the word of God. We have this "drive thru" mentality, give it to me now, give it to me fast because I have somewhere else to be. We are trusting stinking men teaching doctrines of devils and men and never once getting in the word of God to see if those things be so. Trusting denominations and associations that do nothing but make merchandise of men. Producing nothing but double sons of hell as poor sinners come their way and are caught in the dark deception of man's religion denying them the true and glorious light of God's salvation. Men trampling upon the blood using Christ as nothing more than a welcome mat into the deepest darkest depths of hell. The very ones who say the mystery has been revealed to them yet they live in ignorance of the truth and have no desire for that truth. What so worries me about the church in the world today is that very few are in the word of God and even less are a people of prayer. Is it no wonder the world no longer comes to the church of the world for answers?

What really mystifies me is why so many have missed it when God has made it so plain. Understand now I write to the organized church of the world. Those claiming to be disciples of Christ and showing not one shred of biblical evidence of that and the only evidence they offer is consenting to a few historical facts. A very wise man once said, "It is not an act of faith to believe the historical facts of the bible, it is an act of faith to live the truths of the bible." God is clear in Eph. 2:8, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that, not of yourselves: it is a gift of God." We are saved by faith, there is no other way. To simply say I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and yet he is not Lord of your life is but a lie, not saving grace. You must believe with your heart unto salvation. But yet and still countless numbers sit on church pews blind and deceived with one foot in the church house and one in the world, sitting on the fence. But I promise you when the Lord Jesus Christ returns they will get knocked off that fence and they will not like where they fall. If they should be of the number which encounter death before that day their fate will be the same. That death will be eternal and unchangeable. I cannot even begin to imagine what it will be like for that poor person on that day, to leave this world totally bound over to the deception that they will spend all eternity in the glories of heaven and in an instant descend to the deepest depths of hell and misery. There will be preachers in hell, there will be Sunday School teachers and deacons. Church members galore! But God has said in Romans 1 every man is without excuse. He has made himself known but they were too stinking lazy and too busy to get in the word of God after he has commanded us daily that we must be in that Bible and in the prayer closet. Let these words not depart from your mouth he has said. Joshua chapter 1, "Have I not commanded thee?" he asks. The sacrifice of Christ does not mean enough to them to be moved by that. What more could God have done. On the day of judgment these will have no excuse. They will admit what they now know in their heart of hearts. You might compromise your life  thereby deceiving yourself to some point but you will never deceive God, he knows your heart.

The vast majority of the church of the world today is dying and going to hell and cannot see it, they are blind, they are deceived, it is a mystery to them. You say I do not believe you, I did not say it Jesus did! Matt. 7:14 "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." "Few!" rendered in the Greek to mean a very scanty number. Why? The way is narrow! How narrow? Just about 1 and 3/4 inches, that is the thickness of that old King James Bible. You cannot be saved apart from the word of God, period, the end, God has said. James 1:18, 1 Peter 1:23  That bible and the Holy Spirit of God will lead you nowhere but straight to that cross of Calvary, to the saving grace of God found in no other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

Luke 13:23-24 "Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said to them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able." Jesus is talking to the church of the world today, that lost sinner could care less about the things of God he is not trying to enter in. Why will they not be able to enter in? Read the rest of that passage, he says, "...I don't know you whence you are." I don't know you where you are at. Where are they, they are still in the world, the organized church, the harlot. One foot in the world and one in the church of the world. Their heart is in the world and their rusty dusty is sitting on a church pew. They go the places the world goes, they do the things the world does and the only difference between them and the world is that they lose and hour or two sleep on Sunday morning.

Today the church of the world languishes as cold and dead as the bricks and blocks it is made of. Men today say that the church is not going down it is going up. No I am sorry to tell you that building is going no place and neither is the majority of those assembled there claiming to be born again children of God. Deceived and deceiving, teaching doctrines of devils and men, following rituals thousands of years old, simply going through the motions and helping no one and glorifying no one but themselves. Lost, deceived, blind, and ignorant for the most part. Jesus himself said that. 

I know the words I write will not be well received. There are some who will call me a blasphemer, a heretic and worse. They will say I have a devil in me but that is alright. They said the same about Jesus, they have put me in good company. There are far more Pharisees in the church today than there ever were in Jesus' day. 

We live today in a politically correct society. That society says your truth is truth, my truth is truth. You accept my truth as such and I will accept yours as such and we will call it all truth. It does not matter how opposing those two viewpoints may be it is all still called truth. That is relevant truth, truth as it relates to that particular person. The golden rule of a politically correct society, such as we live in today in America. Is that you? Accept my truth as truth and I accept your truth as truth. Are not allowed to in any way to question or condemn anyone else's truth? It is a culture of tolerance we live in and the only thing they will not tolerate is intolerance. Relevant truth will not tolerate for a moment the absolute truth of the King James Bible, it proves it a lie, the doctrine of devils and men. The King James Bible in their eyes is intolerant of their truth. Do we not see the fallacy of such thinking. There can only be one truth. Truth, real truth proves all other truths a lie proving it's self to be absolute. That is what is known as absolute truth and that my friend can only be found in the King James Bible, the very word of God. Infallible, inerrant, and perfect when interpreted by the Holy Spirit. God cannot lie and there is no lack of power in him to bring to pass all that he says. That is the very reason today there is an all out war going on in the United States of America as well as the rest of the world to completely eradicate that same King James Bible in every form from our world. I now give you the truth of God's word. This is a message for the organized Church of the world today. Their lie is exposed and proved a lie in the word of God. God has said, end of the matter. The world did not die for me, the church did not die for me. Christ did and it is to him and no one else I owe my every devotion. I am judged every moment by his word. I come not to talk you into anything, I come simply to proclaim the truth of God's word. What you do with it is between you and God. You will be held accountable for all eternity. Doesn't it make sense this should be a priority of the highest order. Examine yourself, consider thy ways, the word of God is all that we will be judged by. It is only in that light we will find the truth and boundless love.